I am selfish

I am selfish, I dont care what others do, what others believe in. I’m selfish. I dont have the need to help others, after a disaster. I’m happy when things are in destruction, I wont be the only one. I want everyone to feel what I feel. I Am selfish


You’re white and long, toxic but I love the way you make me feel.
You have a fire in you, burning. I love to watch and breath you.
You make me mellow out, and when you do go, I have to have more.

I hope…

I hope you find a true one
I hope she’s true to you
I hope she makes you smile
I hope she loves the same way I loved you

Cause you’re Black

Can’t I be an individual? No, cause you’re black.
Dont I have a mind of my own? No, cause you’re black.
Why do you say those things? Cause you’re black.
Can’t we be together? No, cause you’re black.

In the woods

We met up and I told you to lay down on my jacket, I straddled on and began. Thrusting back and forth, forth and back. I didnt know you well and I dont care.
I apologized for the slip out, you said it was fine, I continued on. Back and forth, forth and back. Getting what’s mine.
Your eyes lock on mine and mine locked on you. Im still thrusting, back and forth, in and out. I want to get you out. change.
Im holding onto the tree for dear life, hoping to reach my top glee, slow but hard, fast and now harder. Take me in with anger. Hold on to my waist, push harder. Give it to me, I want it and I need it for help.
In and out, harder and faster. Im coming, faster. Its coming. We are coming. Finally ecstacy reached! We dress, we walk back. On to our separate ways.
I go home, wishing and wanting more but it never happened, brought me to a bore. Made a whore for wanting more.
I guess all we had was only for a one time thing. What you dont know, is we could of had more than just one time fling.
Everytime I think of you, I think back to our time in the woods.


Tu no sabe nada
No me importe que tu dice
Idiota ¡Callante!
Pero, comprendame por favor
Tu eres muy incorecta
No tienes sentido
Que me importa que tu dices
Yo soy tu mama
Yo sabe todas, y tu sabas nada
Mama, oirma
Yo soy tu hija, mama
¿Por que tu no quierre entiendme las examen
Oirma, por favor

Choose Your Poison

I gave my all, it was never enough
I loved you so much, regardless it was always my fault

You came home today, you asked me to choose my poison for tonight’s suffer

I had a choice between the wrath of your hands or not having your heart.
I choose your wrath, I figured I would rather take the beating, than not have your heart and love

Smacked down to our bed, you’re above, love I am your down.
I rather take this, than not to have love

Choose your poison.
I went back home with a fat lip and a swollen eye. I told my mom “it was an accident” a slip of a car door. I’m so clumsy. I choose my poison

Next day, we played a game. Its called “i’m the one to blame” . We had to see how far it would go.

Till I laid there very lame less feeling. I was winning, face black and blue. You said “time for your poison”. I finally got a clue, It took a dozen kicks. But I finally didn’t choose your poison


I am who
I do what
I want to
I have questions

I dont know who I am
I dont know what I want
I dont know what to be
I have no answers

I have questions
with no answers
and more confusion, about myself
But this is me


You know you are really into someone when you take a chance with them not even knowing